The ActiveWorlds Community CY Awards
The Cy Categories:
The Best Example of what this Great Community can
Contribute and Create, and what represents
ActiveWorlds in the Greatest Light.

- 2014 -
Activities and Events:
The Pulse of ActiveWorlds Never Stops! The Joy and Happiness we share in gathering the AW Community for the comman goal of Enjoyment!
World Experience and Design:
The vast scale of world creation is a task of great detail and planing.
The vision of what is desired by the creator along with what is desired and required by it's users will provide a transition that captures it's visitors with Enlightenment and Delight.
Enviromental and Landscape Design:
The Setting of Sureal starts with enviromental elements connecting our minds with Great Vistascapes and Wonderful Feelings enjoying their surroundings.
My AW Home:
Everybody makes a homestead in Activeworlds. We enjoy it so much we move in and setup some of the best designs in urban development. To the far reaches of AW space, we carve our dwellings in the base of this universe we all share. Highlighting some of the most pleasent to the most far gone designs of our minds, can stimulate us to peace and rest or excitment and delight.
Educational Build:
We always seam to enjoy sharing our skills and talents with all. Some of the realy great ways to gain information is by what others provide. Educational building covers all degrees of ActiveWorlds with the public concern to enlighten and teach. From object yards for displays to vast volumes of inworld exibits.
Innovative Build:
Creative Concept Beyond and Outside the Realm of Genius, Contributing Inspiration, Splender and Enlightenment!
Object Design and Texture Application:
Some of the finest object and art creations we use, have been hand crafted with great care and detail by some of the best polygon and pixel artist required by the AW Browser. This group of Fine Digital Artisens have brought us countless hours of Joy.
Virtual Art Design:
Filling a broad spectrum of creation, Virtual Art is what we do in ActiveWorlds. From painting to placements all with regard to perfection of every detail.
Innovative Effects and Coding:
The perfection of control over the enviroments, objects, & conditions we experience. This group of Vr Science Engineers has provides us with amazing discoverys & ways to make every aspect of a build controlled to our needs and desires.
Community Participation & Leadership:
Dedication to a Cause for the betterment of all to enjoy, experience, and share together. Many outshine by taking lead and providing the strengths and energy to accomplish the task. This group of fine volunteers have kept up the backbone of Activeworlds for us all.
The Peoples Choice
When ever we look around, there's always someone here that helps and provides us with entertainment, camaraderie, support, or security. We all become great friends and warm family members. Many great citizens fill these shoes happly and make our days bright and warm to be in Activeworlds with them.
AW Supportive Website Design:
Supportive Website content has always been the backbone of the information required to achieve our creative goal. Some of the best help has come from these member crafted support systems for us to use.
Media and Content Presentation:
Film, Sound or Static print. Media and Content is what keeps our minds full of intrest with Activeworlds and showing it off as we can.
Interactive Games:
FunFunFun!!! Over the Many ActiveWorlds years, some very fun and well thought out games and game systems have been created. Hard work and high regard to member needs are achieved in providing us with the games we enjoy to fill our AW time and share our envolvements together. Today we also have great use of physics in our game and toy creations. This factors in so many more abilitys and reactions to our game adventures. Physics Game Designs may be big or small, but there all still interactive with us and our enviroment.
Write-in Categories:
Many achievements we accomplish in ActiveWorlds do not always fall into a specfic group or category, but still desirve as much Highlight and Credit. Fill in this group with all that do not fit any of the other specific categories.
Spirit of CY Volunteer Award:
We know when the Spirit to help others around us achieve their happiness Shines, and the willingness to provide for the community drives our means of existance. These Select Volunteers provide us with Endless Support, Friendship, and Assistance in every way they can.
Lifetime Achievement Award:
Visionary Efforts do add up in ways we never expected that shape our present, meld our future and write our history. The storys these walks could tell, Hallow the Names of the Most Devoted Pioneers of our Industry.