Cy Awards have been the event of the year in ActiveWorlds for over a decade.

Since it's start on May 2nd, 1998,
The Cy Awards Ceremonys have been the event of the year in ActiveWorlds. We are celebrating our 16th year in existence. During the many past years, We have honored the Brightest Examples of what this Great Community can Contribute and Create, and what represents ActiveWorlds in the Greatest Light.

The awards are divided into categories that fit the AW Browser, and the members expectations. It takes multiple volunteers to gather the proper information, revamp the world for users, and show a new item that can be manufactured in or for the program.

It is a week long event that includes: Amazing InWorld Displays of Intrest, The Week Long CY Awards Nominations Ball (Dance) as well as the Awards Ceremony Concluded by the CY Awards Winners Ball.

2009 Cy Awards Winner for Best Event of the Year in ActiveWorlds.